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My name is Christian Pleschberger and I have graduated at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) where I was able to get a solid knowledge in the field of “Geoinformation and Environmental Technologies”. In the last semester of my Bachelor program I did my internship in Baton Rouge, at Louisiana State University, where I was learning in practice how to apply methods for criminal analysis. Thanks to this particular experience I was able to perceive the complexity of this field, and to realize that I would like to develop my career in this area.

Within my studies at the CUAS I learned the fundamentals to work with and develop GIS applications but also the concepts of geoinformation science. In several projects I could work in more detail on some topics, such as on Cartography, Remote Sensing, Java Programming, Spatial Data Basis and Environmental Sensoric. As specialization I chose “Environmental Technologies” in order to deepen my knowledge in more technical subjects, e.g. Remote Sensing and Interpreting Sensor Data.


The first bachelor thesis focused on analyzing catachment areas for fire departments in Carinthia. The main focus of this project was which areas are overloaded with fire stations and which have only few providing station. Another part of this thesis was to find out the best method for geocoding. Three different methods were tested; Geocoding with ArcGIS, Google and OpenStreetMap. In this part ArcGIS was the best method and the solutions of this geocoding method were used for the analysis.


The second bachelor thesis was linked with an internship, which I completed at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, USA, from February to June 2015. In my thesis I dealt with the forecasting of crime events applying different methods. The methods are used were implemented in different programs, such as CrimeStat, Near Repeat Calculator and Risk Terrain Modelling. The results of this research was to find the easiest method for non-experts and to search for the best prediction method.

I have started to study my master program at University of Salzburg in October 2015. In my curriculum vitae you can find all important informations about my education and professional skills.

Currculum Vitae

Christian Pleschberger CV


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